8 tools to quantify your life

8 tools to quantify your life

To improve something, you need to measure it. That’s the mantra of the quantified-self movement, and thanks to technology, we’re now able to track and assess huge parts of our life. In this blog article, I'll run you through all the things that you can now quantify, and share the best tools to do so with you.

Health & Fitness

Weight & Fat mass

Body Smart Scale.png Thanks to today's smart body scales, you can measure it all: fat, muscle, water, bones and more! Withings scales are a good place to start!

Blood pressure, cardiac rhythm & more

Your heart, well, is at the heart of your health. Yet, most of us only let it be measured during our annual medical check-up. This french startup has developed a smart blood pressure monitor that also acts like an electrocardiogram to help you listen to your heart!

Calories & food tracker

Are you getting enough vitamin C? Are you eating too much carbs? Through using a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal, you can find answers to many of those questions.



The Oura ring analyses your activity and sleep to figure out how "ready" you are for the day.

Productivity & Energy

Productive time.png Welltory looks at your heart rate variability (simply through watching your blood flow through your finger with your phone camera) to figure out your energy levels and productivity. The technology was first used with astronauts!

Computer Time

You spend most of your day in front of your computer. But what exactly do you do during these 8 to 10 hours? Well, RescueTime will tell you. This tool tracks the time you spend on your computer and compares it with its database to figure out what time was spent productively, and what time was not!


Social Media

Twitter vs cloudiness.png The cloudier it gets, the more twitter followers I get! At least according to Welltory, the app that takes in every possible data source and figures out correlations. While this might not be very useful, you can draw a lot of interesting conclusions once you get enough data.

Email contacts

Nat is a relationship management tool that monitors your email & calendar data to understand who you know, who you’re in touch with and with whom you’re not. This data is then used to help you to grow & maintain your network, but you can also use the analytics feature to track changes in your network over time.



Want to know how the music you listen to affects your productivity? Connect Last.fm to Gyroscope to get access to such insights!