Find Product Market Fit with our new Segment integration

# Find Product Market Fit with our new Segment integration

No need to repeat it, as a startup founder, you know that you've got to talk to users. Talk to users gif Only, it's not that easy...

  • Which users should you talk to?
  • Where do you keep track of what your users tell you?
  • Which users are your super-users?
  • Which users are fading away?

We know that this is a problem, because we're experiencing it ourselves. As a startup, we've been struggling to keep up with the right users and optimize for learning. Luckily, we're already building a smart automated CRM, so we just had to do a few changes to build the perfect app to find product-market fit!

Plug-in with Segment

As our beta users can testify, if you already use Segment, integrating your Nat account with Segment is a matter of seconds.

Once you do, we'll start to import customer actions into Segment. Many CRM apps already do this, and there isn't that much value in doing so.. unless you have a smart AI!

Initially, we built our AI to determine how in toucha user is with his contacts, but it works as well to determine how in touch a user is with a startup! Our app will analyze your data and determine trends: which users have kept using the app regularly, which ones dropped off, and so on. Screenshot of the app The color bars show you which users are fading away (in red) and which users are super-users (in green)

Add Gmail

Website data is only one thing. But when you add your company email account that you use to reach out to users, you start to get a pretty complete image of your interactions with users.

Demo of our app

Check out this 1-minute demo to see how our app works in action.