How to use this personal CRM to become a power networker

How to use this personal CRM to become a power networker

You've recently signed up to , and want to learn more about how to use this new tool in the most efficient way? Let's get started!

Getting started

Sync your data

At Nat, we don't believe in manual data entry. That's why you can simply sync your email, calendar and contact data here. Of course, you might be worried about privacy, that's something we fully understand. Check out the page we wrote on this topic to see how we protect your privacy (we don't share any synced data with third-parties nor do we import any email content).

Hide contacts

While our AI is pretty good at finding out who you want to stay in touch with or not, you'll inevitably see some contacts that you're not actually interested in staying in touch with. We created a simple Hide feature for this exact purpose. Simply visit a contact's page, and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the hide button.

Hiding a contact prevents him from showing up in the contact list and in the analytics, but you can still find him through the Search feature, or through scrolling to the very end of your contact list.

Strengthen your network

Regular check-in

On a weekly basis, we recommend you to sign in and take a look at your contact list. Your contacts are sorted from Lowest --> Highest by default. This means that your contacts with the lowest relationship score will show up first and their health bar will most likely be red or orange. This helps you to be aware of the contacts your losing touch with. From there on, you can simply hide contacts that you're not interested in staying in touch with, or send them an email!

Power-up your memory

You can also simply leave Nat open in one of your tabs. When you feel like it (after a meeting or after writing an email), search for that contact in Nat and write a note about what just happened to help your future self to remember and become a better networker.

Prepare for meetings

Before a meeting, simply check your timeline with that contact in Nat. Read the latest note you wrote, check the latest email interactions you had & more...

We're adding more features to help you become an even better networker! Stay tuned!