Top 5 Personal CRMs

Personal CRMs have been around for years, in fact, they've become a meme. On this page, we list the top 5 personal relationship managers that are currently live and fit those criteria:

  1. You can sign up directly (no waiting list)
  2. There is a free trial

Dex (Freemium Web + IOS App)

It includes a Google Chrome extension which allows you to import the names of all your Facebook & Linkedin contacts. This makes it very unique compared to the other personal CRMs. Does not sync your email data though.. and requires manual work to keep up to date.

ntwrk (Free App)

Very sleek UX and simple app. Only some basic features so you don’t get lost while trying to use it. Has all the basic features though (set reminders, take notes, …).

Uphabit (Freemium App)

Very complete app with tons of features. If you have time to figure out everything then great, otherwise, you’ll leave the app quite quickly! Does send weekly emails with key contacts you need to contact which is very useful!

Cloze (Paid Web + Mobile App )

Probably the worst UX from all PRM but has both a website + app which allows you to access your account from everywhere. It also sends a daily email with key people to keep in touch with. Sadly it’s quite expensive (13$/month)