How to find a list of all the contacts you are losing touch with

From time to time, we have this realization that we've lost touch with some people.

In my case, it was scrolling through my Whatsapp conversations and realizing that there were people I had totally forgot to stay in touch with.

Unless you're some sort of machine, you will lose touch with tons of people in your life. And that's fine.. for most of them. But there are these smart, funny and interesting people that it would be a shame to lose..

So now you're here, thinking of who they are. Of course, if you could just remember all the people you had forgotten about, things would be easy.

if you could just remember all the people you had forgotten about, things would be easy

Here are some tips and tricks to resurface contacts!

Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype, ...

Those are easy. For all the typical messaging apps, you can simply scroll down to see all your previous discussions. But you already know about this.

Google Contacts

This is the first and easiest way to resurface people you've interacted with recently. GContacts has a Frequently contacted section that you can find here. We're not totally sure on how the ranking works but it seems to show you a list of the people you exchanged the most emails with. Definitely a good place to look if you use Gmail.


No need to introduce this professional networking app to you, but you might not know about their Network feature, which lets you see all the people you connected with, starting with the most recent ones. Visit this page to see your Linkedin connections, you'll most likely find a few you've lost touch with!


Streak is a CRM app that connects with your Gmail account. You might not be interested by all their complicated features, but their simple Awaiting Reply section can be handy as it shows you all the emails you've sent that have not gotten a reply yet. Sign up here and then visit this page in your emails to see it.

Nat is a lightweight CRM app that does just that. By connecting with your email, calendar and website data, it tells you who are the people you're losing touch with and who are the people you're most in touch with. Its smart algorithm adapts for different types of relationship intervals (old friends, new connections, ..). If privacy is a concern to you, you'll be glad to know that Nat only requires access to your email metadata, making it one of the most privacy-focused email integration. Get started here. Screenshot of