Why we are building a CRM for your Gmail contacts?

Why we are building a CRM for your Gmail contacts?

Starting a business always requires you to take many decisions, early on. Because these decisions are more or less poorly informed, they look a lot like bets.

We've tried to avoid the zeros, the black swans. The one bad decision that could kill all the other good decisions we might have made. Here are some insights into our thinking.

Google Contacts & Gmail is used and loved by many

We could have built our personal relationship management tool on top of many different tools. We could also have built it on top of nothing. But as stated in the header, the G Suite is widely used and trusted. It's also the tool we as a team have been using forever. Since we're also "scratching our own itch", it made sense.

LinkedIn does not give access to its data

Nowadays, when you mention "professional network" to someone, most people immediately think of Linkedin. Many users ask us why we've not integrated with this very popular tool.

The unfortunate answer is that we can't. We would have loved to of course. Wouldn't it be handy to have all your LinkedIn connections data straight into your contact app and integrated with Nat? LinkedIn is aware that the only reason people go on their app is to find information about people, and since their business model is ads, they have to keep you there and that's why they don't give access to this data to third-party tools.

Understanding your email interactions gives us superpowers

We're not interested in building yet another tool. We want to build software that is 10x better. That's why integrating with Gmail is a high priority for us. Through understanding who are the people, you interact with and how you interact with them, we can better recommend you who to stay in touch with and what actions to take to strengthen your network.

We're always looking for feedback regarding other potential integrations. Please reach out at blog@nat.app!